Our Mission: To fund and sponsor international surgical medical missions of doctors and other supporting medical professionals to provide hand surgery for individuals who otherwise may not be helped

Who We Are: Organized and led by Dr. Grant Thomson, his team of surgeons travels to developing countries and performs hand surgery primarily on children.
Past Trips, March 2015
Team Members

Team Leader: Grant Thomson, MD

Kevin Tomany, MD
Sohel Islam, MD

Raj Sawh-Martinez, MD
Anup Patel, MD

Robert Golenbock, MD

Marcia Bergen, MD
Leyda Carvajal, MD
Gianni Checa, MD
Jose Ossa-Concha, MD
Claudia Perez-Martinez, MD

Tracey Kelly
Brenda Hunt
Karyn Jozokos
Sean McLaughlin
Linda Nugent
John Tangredi

Hand Therapy
Kathy Jacobsen

Marisa Gillio

Priscilla Riva

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Our Partners: Ruth Paz, LGH Hospital, Teleton, Yale New Haven, Aleman Hospital

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