Our Mission: To fund and sponsor international surgical medical missions of doctors and other supporting medical professionals to provide hand surgery for individuals who otherwise may not be helped

Who We Are: Organized and led by Dr. Grant Thomson, his team of surgeons travels to developing countries and performs hand surgery primarily on children.

Hand Help

We need your tax deductible donations to continue to provide medical assistance for the people of Honduras.
We greatly appreciate your help! There are two ways to donate:


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Refund Policy
Your donation is immediate and irrevocable. Accordingly, Hand Help, Inc. cannot refund or cancel your donation.

Contact Address
Grant Thomson, MD
President, Hand Help, Inc
Yale Plastic Surgery
PO Box 208041
New Haven, CT 06520-8041
516-900-HAND (516-900-4263)

By Mail:

Please make the checks payable to "Hand Help", and send them to Hand Help, Inc, ℅ Grant Thomson, MD, Yale Plastic Surgery, PO Box 208041, New Haven, CT 06520.

Our Tax ID is 27-3940034

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In order to continue our medical missions we need your tax deductible contributions!
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Our Partners: Ruth Paz, LGH Hospital, Teleton, Yale New Haven, Aleman Hospital

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